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Motorcycle catalog for year 19901990 motorcycle catalog

Motorcycle catalog with all 1990 models. Click on a model name to see the technical specifications, pictures, rating, discussions, etc.

You can also sell or buy these motorcycles through our efficient Bikez.biz Free Motorcycle Classifieds.

Please tell us about any 90 bikes not included, preferably with specifications. We would also be grateful for submission of photos where such are missing. You can get your bike and name on Bikez.

1990 motorcycle modelsBrandPicture
Aprilia AF1 125 Sintesi SportApriliaPhoto
Aprilia Pegaso 125ApriliaPhoto
Aprilia Pegaso 600ApriliaPhoto
Aprilia Tuareg 600 WindApriliaPhoto
Benelli 900 SeiBenelli 
Benelli BX 125 EnduroBenelli 
Beta ALP 240Beta 
Beta TR 35/125Beta 
Beta TR 35/260BetaPhoto
BMW K 100 LT
BMW K 100 RS
BMW K 75
BMW K 75 S
BMW R 100 GS Paris-DakarBMWPhoto
BMW R 100 RTBMWPhoto
BMW R 80BMWPhoto
Cagiva 125 C 12 R FrecciaCagivaPhoto
Cagiva 125 CruiserCagiva 
Cagiva Elefant 350CagivaPhoto
Cagiva Elefant 750CagivaPhoto
Cagiva Elefant 900 i.e.CagivaPhoto
Cagiva T4 500 ECagiva 
Chang-Jiang 750 BG (with sidecar)Chang-Jiang 
Chang-Jiang 750 FY (with sidecar)Chang-Jiang 
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Chang-Jiang 750 J-1 (with sidecar)
Dnepr MT 11 (with sidecar)
Dnepr MT 16 (with sidecar)
Donghai SM 750 (with sidecar)
Ducati 350 F 3Ducati 
Ducati 750 PasoDucatiPhoto
Ducati 750 SportDucatiPhoto
Ducati 851 StradaDucatiPhoto
Ducati 900 SS Super SportDucatiPhoto
Ducati 906 PasoDucatiPhoto
Enfield 350 BulletEnfieldPhoto
Enfield 350 Bullet De LuxeEnfieldPhoto
Enfield 350 Bullet SuperstarEnfield 
Fantic 125 Sport HP 1Fantic 
Fantic Trial 241 Seven DaysFantic 
Gilera RC 600GileraPhoto
Gilera Saturno 500Gilera 
Gilera XRT 600GileraPhoto
Gilera XRT 600 (reduced effect)Gilera 
Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra ClassicHarley-DavidsonPhoto
Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic (reduced effect)
Harley-Davidson Fat Boy
Harley-Davidson FIST 1340 Heritage Softail
Harley-Davidson FLHS 1340 Electra Glide Sport
Harley-Davidson FLHS 1340 Electra Glide Sport (reduced effect)Harley-DavidsonPhoto
Harley-Davidson FLHTC 1340 Electra Glide ClassicHarley-DavidsonPhoto
Harley-Davidson FLHTC 1340 Electra Glide Classic (reduced effect)Harley-DavidsonPhoto
Harley-Davidson FLSTC 1340 Heritage Softail ClassicHarley-DavidsonPhoto
Harley-Davidson FLTC 1340 Tour Glide ClassicHarley-DavidsonPhoto
Harley-Davidson FLTC 1340 Tour Glide Classic (reduced effect)Harley-Davidson 
Harley-Davidson FXLR 1340 Low Rider CustomHarley-DavidsonPhoto
Harley-Davidson FXR 1340 Super GlideHarley-DavidsonPhoto
Harley-Davidson FXRS 1340 Low RiderHarley-Davidson 
Harley-Davidson FXRS 1340 SP Low Rider Special EditionHarley-DavidsonPhoto
Harley-Davidson FXRT 1340 Sport GlideHarley-Davidson 
Harley-Davidson FXST 1340 SoftailHarley-DavidsonPhoto
Harley-Davidson FXSTC 1340 Softail CustomHarley-DavidsonPhoto
Harley-Davidson Low Rider ConvertibleHarley-Davidson 
Harley-Davidson Springer SoftailHarley-DavidsonPhoto
Harley-Davidson Tour Glide Ultra ClassicHarley-DavidsonPhoto
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Harley-Davidson Tour Glide Ultra Classic (reduced effect)
Harley-Davidson XLH Sportster 1200
Harley-Davidson XLH Sportster 1200 (reduced effect)
Harley-Davidson XLH Sportster 883 De Luxe
Harley-Davidson XLH Sportster 883 De Luxe (reduced effect)Harley-Davidson 
Harley-Davidson XLH Sportster 883 HuggerHarley-DavidsonPhoto
Harley-Davidson XLH Sportster 883 Hugger (reduced effect)Harley-Davidson 
Harley-Davidson XLH Sportster 883 StandardHarley-DavidsonPhoto
Harley-Davidson XLH Sportster 883 Standard (reduced effect)Harley-Davidson 
Hercules K 125 MilitaryHercules 
Honda CB 450 SHondaPhoto
Honda CB 450 S (reduced effect)Honda 
Honda CBR 1000 FHondaPhoto
Honda CBR 600 FHondaPhoto
Honda CBR 600 F (reduced effect)HondaPhoto
Honda GL 1500/6 Gold WingHondaPhoto
Honda MilleniumHonda 
Honda NSR 125HondaPhoto
Honda NT 650 Hawk GTHondaPhoto
Honda NTV 650 RevereHondaPhoto
Free motorcylce ads Honda NTV 650 Revere (reduced effect #2)
Honda NTV 650 Revere (reduced effect)
Honda NX 250
Honda NX 250 (reduced effect)
Honda NX 650 DominatorHondaPhoto
Honda NX 650 Dominator (reduced effect)Honda 
Honda ST 1100 Pan EuropeanHondaPhoto
Honda VFR 750 FHondaPhoto
Honda VFR 750 R / RC 30Honda 
Honda VFR 750 R / RC 30 (reduced effect)Honda 
Honda VT 1100 CHondaPhoto
Honda VT 600 CHondaPhoto
Honda VT 600 C (reduced effect)Honda 
Honda XBR 500Honda 
Honda XBR 500 (reduced effect)Honda 
Honda XL 600 V TransalpHondaPhoto
Honda XL 600 V Transalp (reduced effect)HondaPhoto
Honda XRV 750 Africa TwinHondaPhoto
Honda XRV 750 Africa Twin (reduced effect)Honda 
Husaberg FC 501Husaberg 
Husqvarna 125 WRKHusqvarna 
Husqvarna 250 WRKHusqvarna 
Husqvarna 260 WRKHusqvarna 
Husqvarna 350 TEHusqvarnaPhoto
Husqvarna 400 WRHusqvarna 
Husqvarna 510 TEHusqvarnaPhoto
Jawa 350 TSJawaPhoto
Jawa 350 TS (with sidecar)Jawa 
Kawasaki 1000 GTRKawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki EL 250Kawasaki 
Kawasaki EN 500KawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki EN 500 (reduced effect)Kawasaki 
Kawasaki GPX 600 RKawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki GPX 600 R (reduced effect #2)Kawasaki 
Kawasaki GPX 600 R (reduced effect)Kawasaki 
Kawasaki GPX 750 RKawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki GPZ 305 Belt DriveKawasaki 
Kawasaki GPZ 305 Belt Drive (reduced effect #2)Kawasaki 
Kawasaki GPZ 305 Belt Drive (reduced effect)Kawasaki 
Kawasaki GPZ 500 SKawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki GPZ 500 S (reduced effect #2)KawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki GPZ 500 S (reduced effect)KawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki GPZ 550Kawasaki 
Kawasaki GPZ 550 (reduced effect)Kawasaki 
Kawasaki GPZ 600 RKawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki GPZ 900 RKawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki GPZ 900 R (reduced effect)Kawasaki 
Kawasaki GTO 125KawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki KLR 250KawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki KLR 250 (reduced effect)Kawasaki 
Kawasaki KLR 600 EKawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki KLR 600 E (reduced effect)Kawasaki 
Kawasaki KMX 200Kawasaki 
Kawasaki KX 125KawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki KX 250KawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki TengaiKawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki Tengai (reduced effect)Kawasaki 
Kawasaki VN 750 TwinKawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki VN 750 Twin (reduced effect)Kawasaki 
Kawasaki VN-15 SEKawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki VN-15 SE (reduced effect)Kawasaki 
Kawasaki Z 550 GTKawasaki 
Kawasaki Z 550 GT (reduced effect)Kawasaki 
Kawasaki ZR 550B ZephyrKawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki ZX-10KawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki ZX-10 (reduced effect)KawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki ZXR 750KawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki ZXR 750 (reduced effect)KawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki ZZ-R 1100KawasakiPhoto
Kawasaki ZZ-R 1100 (reduced effect)Kawasaki 
Kawasaki ZZ-R 600KawasakiPhoto
KTM 500 MXKTMPhoto
KTM Enduro 125 VCKTM 
KTM Enduro 250 TVCKTM 
KTM Enduro 300TVCKTM 
KTM Enduro 400KTM 
KTM Enduro 600 LC 4KTM 
KTM Enduro 600 LC 4 (reduced effect)KTM 
KTM Incas 600 LC 4KTM 
KTM Incas 600 LC 4 (reduced effect)KTM 
Laverda 1000 SFCLaverda 
Laverda OR 600 AtlasLaverda 
Maico Enduro 250Maico 
Maico Enduro 320MaicoPhoto
Maico Enduro 500MaicoPhoto
Malaguti RST 50Malaguti 
Matchless G 80 EMatchless 
Matchless G 80 KMatchless 
Moto Guzzi 1000 SMoto GuzziPhoto
Moto Guzzi Mille GTMoto GuzziPhoto
Moto Guzzi Mille GT (reduced effect)Moto Guzzi 
Moto Guzzi V 1000 California IIIMoto GuzziPhoto
Moto Guzzi V 1000 Le Mans VMoto Guzzi 
Moto Guzzi V 1000 SP IIIMoto Guzzi 
Moto Morini 3 1/2 S KlassikMoto Morini 
Moto Morini 350 ExcaliburMoto Morini 
Moto Morini 350 X 3 KanguroMoto Morini 
Moto Morini 500 Sei-V KlassikMoto Morini 
Moto Morini 501 CoguaroMoto Morini 
Moto Morini 501 ExcaliburMoto Morini 
Moto Morini 501 New YorkMoto Morini 
Moto Morini Dart 400Moto MoriniPhoto
MuZ ETZ 150MuZ 
MuZ ETZ 251MuZ 
MuZ ETZ 251 (reduced effect)MuZ 
MuZ ETZ 251 (with sidecar)MuZ 
MZ ETZ 125MZPhoto
Norton CommanderNortonPhoto
Norton F 1NortonPhoto
Suzuki DR 350 SSuzukiPhoto
Suzuki DR 650 R DakarSuzukiPhoto
Suzuki DR 650 R Dakar (reduced effect)Suzuki 
Suzuki DR 650 RSSuzukiPhoto
Suzuki DR 650 RS (reduced effect)Suzuki 
Suzuki DR Big 800 SSuzukiPhoto
Suzuki DR Big 800 S (reduced effect)SuzukiPhoto
Suzuki GN 250 ESuzuki 
Suzuki GS 500 ESuzukiPhoto
Suzuki GS 500 E (reduced effect)Suzuki 
Suzuki GSX 1100 FSuzukiPhoto
Suzuki GSX 1100 F (reduced effect)SuzukiPhoto
Suzuki GSX 600 FSuzukiPhoto
Suzuki GSX 600 F (reduced effect #2)Suzuki 
Suzuki GSX 600 F (reduced effect)Suzuki 
Suzuki GSX 750 FSuzukiPhoto
Suzuki GSX 750 F (reduced effect)Suzuki 
Suzuki GSX-R 1100SuzukiPhoto
Suzuki GSX-R 1100 (reduced effect)Suzuki 
Suzuki GSX-R 750SuzukiPhoto
Suzuki GSX-R 750 (reduced effect)Suzuki 
Suzuki LS 650 SavageSuzukiPhoto
Suzuki VS 1400 IntruderSuzukiPhoto
Suzuki VS 750 IntruderSuzukiPhoto
Suzuki VX 800SuzukiPhoto
Suzuki VX 800 (reduced effect)SuzukiPhoto
Tomos BTTomosPhoto
Ural M 67-6Ural 
Ural M 67-6 (reduced effect)Ural 
Ural M 67-6 (with sidecar)Ural 
Xingfu 250 AXingfu 
Yamaha DT 50YamahaPhoto
Yamaha FJ 1200YamahaPhoto
Yamaha FJ 1200 (reduced effect)Yamaha 
Yamaha FZ 750YamahaPhoto
Yamaha FZ 750 (reduced effect)Yamaha 
Yamaha FZR 1000YamahaPhoto
Yamaha FZR 1000 (reduced effect)YamahaPhoto
Yamaha FZR 600Yamaha 
Yamaha FZR 600YamahaPhoto
Yamaha FZR 600 (reduced effect #2)YamahaPhoto
Yamaha FZR 600 (reduced effect)YamahaPhoto
Yamaha FZR 750 RYamahaPhoto
Yamaha FZR 750 R (reduced effect)Yamaha 
Yamaha RD 350 FYamaha 
Yamaha RD 350 F (reduced effect)YamahaPhoto
Yamaha RD 350 NYamaha 
Yamaha RD 350 N (reduced effect)Yamaha 
Yamaha RX 100YamahaPhoto
Yamaha SR 500 SYamaha 
Yamaha SR 500 TYamaha 
Yamaha SRX 6YamahaPhoto
Yamaha SRX 6 (reduced effect)Yamaha 
Yamaha TDR 250YamahaPhoto
Yamaha TT 600YamahaPhoto
Yamaha TZR 250YamahaPhoto
Yamaha XJ 600YamahaPhoto
Yamaha XJ 600 (reduced effect)Yamaha 
Yamaha XJ 900 FYamahaPhoto
Yamaha XS 400 DOHCYamaha 
Yamaha XT 250YamahaPhoto
Yamaha XT 350YamahaPhoto
Yamaha XT 350 (reduced effect)Yamaha 
Yamaha XT 500Yamaha 
Yamaha XT 500 SYamaha 
Yamaha XT 600YamahaPhoto
Yamaha XT 600 (reduced effect)Yamaha 
Yamaha XT 600 EYamahaPhoto
Yamaha XT 600 E (reduced effect)Yamaha 
Yamaha XT 600 KYamaha 
Yamaha XT 600 K (reduced effect)Yamaha 
Yamaha XT 600 Z TénéréYamahaPhoto
Yamaha XT 600 Z Ténéré (reduced effect)Yamaha 
Yamaha XTZ 750 Super TénéréYamahaPhoto
Yamaha XV 1100 ViragoYamahaPhoto
Yamaha XV 250 ViragoYamahaPhoto
Yamaha XV 250 Virago (reduced effect)Yamaha 
Yamaha XV 535 ViragoYamahaPhoto
Yamaha XV 535 Virago (reduced effect)Yamaha 
Yamaha XVZ 13 TYamahaPhoto
Yangtze 750 Spezial A (with sidecar)Yangtze 
Yangtze 750 Spezial B (with sidecar)Yangtze 
Yangtze 750 Standard A (with sidecar)Yangtze 
Yangtze 750 Standard B (with sidecar)Yangtze 

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