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Motorcycle brands Motorcycle brands made since 1970
Complete overview of models with specs and photos

Click one of the motorcycle brands to see all the models made since 1970. Then click a model to see technical specifications, pictures, riders' rating or ask questions at the bike's discussion group. All existing motorcycle manufacturers should be included. Please mail us about missing manufacturers.

Brand nameModels
Acabion motorcycles4
Adiva motorcycles19
Adly motorcycles70
Aeon motorcycles41
Aermacchi motorcycles5
AJP motorcycles20
AJS motorcycles38
Alfer motorcycles7
Alligator motorcycles4
AlphaSports motorcycles3
Amazonas motorcycles2
American Eagle motorcycles4
American IronHorse motorcycles14
APC motorcycles8
Aprilia motorcycles588
Arctic Cat motorcycles127
Arlen Ness motorcycles3
Arqin motorcycles6
Aspes motorcycles10
ATK motorcycles20
Atlas Honda motorcycles13
Avinton motorcycles13
Avon motorcycles5
Azel motorcycles24
Bajaj motorcycles72
Balkan motorcycles1
BamX motorcycles37
Barossa motorcycles6
Benelli motorcycles243
Bennche motorcycles7
Beta motorcycles179
Better motorcycles1
Big Bear Choppers motorcycles71
Big Dog motorcycles27
Bimota motorcycles116
Blata motorcycles44
BMC Choppers motorcycles15
BMW motorcycles642
Boom Trikes motorcycles36
Borile motorcycles23
Boss Hoss motorcycles41
Bourget motorcycles17
BPG motorcycles2
Brammo motorcycles25
Brudeli motorcycles4
BSA motorcycles18
BSA Motors motorcycles6
BucciMoto motorcycles14
Buell motorcycles87
Bultaco motorcycles10
Cagiva motorcycles184
California Scooter motorcycles3
Can-Am motorcycles74
Cargobike motorcycles10
Caterham motorcycles1
CCM motorcycles102
Cectek motorcycles12
CF Moto motorcycles45
CH Racing motorcycles32
Chang-Jiang motorcycles71
Cheetah motorcycles4
Clipic motorcycles48
CMC motorcycles3
Cobra motorcycles23
Confederate motorcycles23
Cosmos Muscle Bikes motorcycles4
Covingtons motorcycles7
CPI motorcycles70
CR&S motorcycles36
CSR motorcycles30
Current Motor motorcycles1
CZ motorcycles33
Daelim motorcycles88
Dafier motorcycles35
Dafra motorcycles15
Dam motorcycles4
Dandy motorcycles1
Dayang motorcycles6
Dayun motorcycles9
DB Motors motorcycles27
Demak motorcycles22
Derbi motorcycles283
Derringer motorcycles4
DF Motor motorcycles10
Dfang motorcycles11
Di Blasi motorcycles5
Diamo motorcycles48
Dihao motorcycles3
Dinli motorcycles11
Dirico motorcycles14
DKW motorcycles1
Dnepr motorcycles74
Dodge motorcycles1
Donghai motorcycles5
Ducati motorcycles534
E-max motorcycles20
E-Ton motorcycles22
E-Tropolis motorcycles8
Eagle-Wing motorcycles7
Ebretti motorcycles2
Ecosse motorcycles27
eCRP motorcycles6
EKO motorcycles4
Electric City motorcycles3
Enfield motorcycles150
Erik Buell Racing motorcycles10
Evolve motorcycles16
Exile Cycles motorcycles7
Factory Bike motorcycles32
Fantic motorcycles56
FGR motorcycles6
Fischer motorcycles9
Flyrite Choppers motorcycles8
Fokamo motorcycles4
Fosti motorcycles2
G&G motorcycles1
Garelli motorcycles19
GAS GAS motorcycles232
Geely motorcycles12
Generic motorcycles96
Genuine Scooter motorcycles32
GG motorcycles7
Ghezzi-Brian motorcycles11
Giantco motorcycles60
Gibbs motorcycles1
Gilera motorcycles150
Goes motorcycles27
Gogo Moto motorcycles8
Govecs motorcycles9
GRC Moto motorcycles2
GreenTrans motorcycles6
Haojin motorcycles3
Harley-Davidson motorcycles1000
Hartford motorcycles29
HDM motorcycles2
Headbanger motorcycles31
Hercules motorcycles39
Hero motorcycles34
Hero Electric motorcycles8
Hero Honda motorcycles81
Hesketh motorcycles12
Highland motorcycles45
HM motorcycles8
Honda motorcycles2270
Horex motorcycles20
HP Power motorcycles10
Husaberg motorcycles117
Husqvarna motorcycles299
Hyosung motorcycles212
Indian motorcycles15
Innoscooter motorcycles17
Intrepid motorcycles4
Italjet motorcycles34
IZH motorcycles25
Izuka motorcycles24
Jawa motorcycles92
Jawa-CZ motorcycles74
Jialing motorcycles13
Jianshe motorcycles12
Jincheng motorcycles29
Jinlun motorcycles18
Johnny Pag motorcycles24
Jonway motorcycles12
Jordan motorcycles4
JRL motorcycles1
K2O motorcycles2
Kabirdass motorcycles4
Kangda motorcycles3
Kanuni motorcycles1
Kasinski motorcycles13
Kawasaki motorcycles1565
Keeway motorcycles235
Kikker 5150 motorcycles8
Kinetic motorcycles2
Kinroad motorcycles22
Kramit motorcycles1
Kreidler motorcycles86
KTM motorcycles650
Kuberg motorcycles5
Kumpan motorcycles1
Kymco motorcycles355
Lambretta motorcycles24
Lauge Jensen motorcycles4
Laverda motorcycles103
Lectrix motorcycles2
Lehman Trikes motorcycles10
Lem motorcycles41
Leonart motorcycles12
Leonhardt motorcycles4
Lifan motorcycles40
Ligier motorcycles6
Linhai motorcycles50
Lintex motorcycles2
LML motorcycles32
Lohia motorcycles5
Loncin motorcycles24
Longjia motorcycles19
LSL motorcycles4
Macbor motorcycles48
Magni motorcycles1
Mahindra motorcycles8
Maico motorcycles57
Malaguti motorcycles120
Malanca motorcycles22
Marine Turbine Technologies motorcycles12
Matchless motorcycles6
Mavizen motorcycles3
MBK motorcycles99
MBS motorcycles1
Megelli motorcycles22
Metisse motorcycles4
MGB motorcycles3
Midual motorcycles2
Mikilon motorcycles22
Mini motorcycles1
Minsk motorcycles2
Mission motorcycles6
MM motorcycles1
Modenas motorcycles22
Mondial motorcycles47
Montesa motorcycles1
Monto Motors motorcycles4
Moto Gima motorcycles2
Moto Guzzi motorcycles479
Moto Morini motorcycles153
Moto Union/OMV motorcycles3
Motobi motorcycles21
MotoCzysz motorcycles5
Motolevo motorcycles3
Motom motorcycles15
Motorhispania motorcycles80
Mototrans motorcycles2
Motus motorcycles2
MuZ motorcycles111
MV Agusta motorcycles211
Münch motorcycles19
MZ motorcycles92
NCR motorcycles50
Neander motorcycles5
Nipponia motorcycles45
Norton motorcycles45
NOX motorcycles3
Orion motorcycles17
OSSA motorcycles1
Oxygen motorcycles4
Pagsta motorcycles11
Palmo motorcycles3
Pannonia motorcycles6
Peraves motorcycles10
Peugeot motorcycles197
PGO motorcycles118
Piaggio motorcycles162
Pitster Pro motorcycles22
Polaris motorcycles60
Polini motorcycles48
Power Chief motorcycles2
Praga motorcycles7
PRC (Pro Racing Cycles) motorcycles7
Precision Cycle Works motorcycles13
Pro-One motorcycles4
proEco motorcycles3
Puch motorcycles56
Puma motorcycles27
Qingqi motorcycles18
Qlink motorcycles54
Quadro motorcycles4
Quantya motorcycles10
Ravi Piaggio motorcycles1
Red Wing motorcycles6
Redneck motorcycles3
Rewaco motorcycles13
Rhino motorcycles30
Ridley motorcycles24
Rieju motorcycles145
Road Hopper motorcycles9
Rockford motorcycles1
Roehr motorcycles7
Rokon motorcycles19
Romet motorcycles7
Roxon motorcycles11
Rucker Performance motorcycles9
Sachs motorcycles93
Samurai Chopper motorcycles13
Sanglas motorcycles16
Saxon motorcycles41
Schwinn motorcycles22
Scorpa motorcycles29
Senke motorcycles9
Sherco motorcycles193
Shineray motorcycles10
ShineTime motorcycles11
Siamoto motorcycles4
Simson motorcycles3
Skyteam motorcycles20
Sommer motorcycles6
Sonik motorcycles17
Standbike motorcycles5
Starway/Chu Lan motorcycles3
Sucker Punch Sallys motorcycles25
Sukida motorcycles20
Sundiro motorcycles1
Super Motor motorcycles4
Suzuki motorcycles1616
Suzuko motorcycles1
SVM motorcycles8
Swaygo motorcycles3
Swift motorcycles8
Sym motorcycles210
Tank Sports motorcycles82
Tauris motorcycles24
Tayo motorcycles4
Terra Modena motorcycles3
TGB motorcycles110
Tiger motorcycles6
Titan motorcycles36
TM Racing motorcycles149
Tohqi motorcycles1
Tomberlin motorcycles9
Tomos motorcycles69
Track motorcycles4
Travertson motorcycles8
Triton motorcycles9
Triumph motorcycles416
Troll motorcycles1
TVS motorcycles61
Ultra motorcycles16
Ultra Motor motorcycles4
UM motorcycles91
Ural motorcycles127
Vahrenkamp motorcycles4
Valenti motorcycles3
Van Veen motorcycles3
Vectrix motorcycles14
Veli motorcycles135
Vento motorcycles39
Vertemati motorcycles18
Vespa motorcycles124
Vibgyor motorcycles4
Victory motorcycles142
Viper motorcycles10
Vmoto motorcycles27
Von Dutch motorcycles9
VOR motorcycles12
Voskhod motorcycles6
Voxan motorcycles25
Vuka motorcycles5
Vyrus motorcycles13
Wakan motorcycles9
West Coast Choppers motorcycles6
WRM motorcycles2
WSK motorcycles3
WT Motors motorcycles18
Xingfu motorcycles5
Xingyue motorcycles27
Xispa motorcycles20
Xmotos motorcycles24
XOR motorcycles6
Yamaha motorcycles2250
Yangtze motorcycles18
Yiben motorcycles10
YObykes motorcycles6
Yuki motorcycles17
Zanella motorcycles2
Zero motorcycles7
Zero Engineering motorcycles3
Zest motorcycles7
Znen motorcycles18
Zongshen motorcycles7
Zontes motorcycles3
Zweirad-Union motorcycles3
Zündapp motorcycles19

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