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RE: Tyre life ! 02 Suzuki GS 1200 SS discussion forum:
RE: Tyre life !

RE: Tyre life ! 
Wheeliemonsta said 2003-08-01 11:13:23 
Hey Taz,
We´ll get this out of the way first... My tyre of choice is Metzeler... I´ve done thousands of road and race miles on them and IMHO you can´t beat them...
Of course it is dependent on what type of ridng you do...? but to be brutally honest you can´t go passed the RS-1 and RS-2 Rennesport, these things are just bloody amazing in the dry... but... be warned they are absolute "shite" in the wet... Mind you, you have to realise they are basically a hand cut slick... designed for optimum adhesion and minimum life !!!!
Honestly, if you are doing alot of "two-up" riding you can´t go passed the tryed and trued ME-Z 4 on the back and an ME-Z 3, in the softest road compound, on the front, I ran this combo on my beloved (R.I.P) TL and was amazed to get just over 9.5k k´s out of the rear !!! which as anyone will tell you is absolutely stunning for a TL, add to this, the fact, that over 95% of this was done "two-up" and you´ll see what I mean in as far as durability is concerned...
Sure you pay for the priviledge, intially, but, I think you will be pleasently surprised in the long run... Go see Kerry at Motomail, tell him you´ve been talking to me, honestly, he won´t even try selling you anything else after that statement !!!! I´m sure you´ll be well looked after...
Kerry actually fitted a set of AV 36 Avons on my GSX-R just after I´d re-built it, and I have to say, I was pretty impressed...
However, I talked a very good mate of mine into trying the AV 45´s on his VTR 1000 and, no shit, the fist decent ride we had after the intial 250k scrub-in, he binned it....
Now, whether it was the tyres or my mates riding is open to conjecture, BUT, I was right behind him and I can assure you he was riding well within his, and, I would have thought, the tyres capabilities, the 45´s are a "sports", i.e Z rated tyre... but the bike literally "spat" him off exiting a 65 kph corner...
Yes... He was ok and lived to ride another day, but, you can bet you last dollar he´ll never take my advice on tyres again !!!

So, go, with care mate.... and choose wisely. You have my thought´s
on the subject and it´s from here I shall end my little piece on me soap box and look forward to hearing what your decision was...

Wheeliemonsta, now equiped with 36mm flatslides and SP cams...
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