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RE: Shock  Horror   Probe... 02 Suzuki GS 1200 SS discussion forum:
RE: Shock Horror Probe...

RE: Shock Horror Probe... 
Kerry said 2003-02-16 23:53:17 

Sorry that we couldn´t make the Autobahn rendezvous. Gets complicated in my household on weekends trying to accommodate the different wishes of various children, few of which generally coincide with mine!!

However as you know I did make it to Paeroa with my 11 year old glued to me and requiring refreshment stops every few kilometres....however we had a fun time. Unfortunately time constraints meant we had to leave by 2:30.

Regarding the Bike Trader, yes I saw it and I´m **** off actually. Nothing to be done about it though. They say a limited offer until end March so hopefully, in the very best case and if that is true, maybe the price will not be depressed too much if they return it to full retail of $12k after that. Not a good time to sell a second hand one now though. I notice that the Bandit has dropped more like $2000 so I suppose there are a few unhappy Bandit owners out there. It seems like a good argument for buying European, and personally I think that the Suzuki importers suck for doing it. It seems unnecessary given the already highly competitive pricing at $12k (show me anything that comes even close) and currently devalues every owner´s bike by a grand or so. I can only speculate that that the Suzuki importer is trying to win market share but to be honest I think it´s a dumb strategy when it penalises every current owner a grand. I would never buy another Suzuki after this so they have created an unhappy customer, which is not good for their business in the long term.

And the Graeme Crosby replica comment. Do you mean the porting and cams and F/S carbs etc? Scottie,forgive me for saying it (but I just can´t help myself) but looking at it in the cold hard light of pragmatism, is it smart to over-capitalise it? Hey, you can buy a new one for $10995, what will someone pay second-hand for one with several thousand bucks of modifications? It doesn´t matter if you´re keeping it but if you´re tempted by an SV1000 (admit it, you are) is it a good idea?

I knew a guy who ran the Kawasaki importing business here a good few years ago. Ewan Orsborn was his name and he was a chartered accountant. Had never ridden a bike in his life and had no intention to. His reasoning was that it was his advantage that he did not let an emotional interest in motorcycles influence his commercial judgement. I think he had a point. (The fact that he did not exactly make a great success of the business is completely irrelevant!!)
I tell you what. When you have finished the Graeme Crosby replica and if decide to sell it, would you let me know? Cash flow permitting I might be interested (Í´m serious)if the pricing is sensible and it isn´t completely rooted by then....
As for turbo-ing, I don´t reckon. Too peaky. I had a Yamaha XJ650 turbo. Went like the clappers (no brakes or handling though)but with a hell of a rush when the turbo kicked in. I prefer the smoother more progressive type of power. And again, after you add $3500 to $11995 and then consider you can buy a new one for $10995.....

If I was investing money in the GS I think it would be less for more horsepower (although the idea of your Yoshi pipe conversion with the extra 10 hp it incidentally gained you is pretty attractive, given that the stock pipe is so damn ugly as well)and more for handling. Maybe rear Ohlins shocks and possibly something more high spec at the front. And the Brembo brakes off the GSX1200Y (better than the Tokicos by far). And I still reckon an extra couple of teeth on the rear sprocket could gain quite a lot for only a little cost)...However right now I´m not thinking of spending a solitary cent on it, partly because I´m boracic but also because I don´t want to hurl money down the toilet on a bike that has just devalued a grand on me without my doing a single thing...

Anyway, as they say, if everyone thought the same there´d be no horse-racing.


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