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\'SuperSuper motard motorcycles made since 1970

Super motard motorcycles made since 1970. You can have the list sorted by year or model name. Note that some old motorbikes are still awaiting categorization. Click on a model name to see the technical specifications, pictures, rating, discussions, etc. You can also sell or buy these motorcycles through our efficient Bikez.biz Free Motorcycle Classifieds.

Please tell us about any bikes not included, preferably with specifications. We would also be grateful for submission of photos where such are missing.

Super motard motorcycle modelsYearPicture
TM Racing SMX 450 F Competition2007Picture
TM Racing SMX 450 F Competition2006Picture
TM Racing SMX 450 F Competition2005Picture
TM Racing SMX 450 Fi2012Picture
TM Racing SMX 530 F2012Picture
TM Racing SMX 530 F Competition2007Picture
TM Racing SMX 660 Competition2004Picture
TM Racing SMX 660 F Comp2010Picture
TM Racing SMX 660 F Competition2008Picture
TM Racing SMX 660 F Competition2006Picture
TM Racing SMX 660 F Competition
Tomos 125 SM
Tomos SM 125 F
Tomos SM 125 F
Tomos SM 125 Replica Cup2008Picture
Triumph Tiger1987 
Triumph Tiger 800 XC2014Picture
Triumph Tiger 800 XC2013Picture
Triumph Tiger 800 XC SE2014Picture
UM SMF 2002006Picture
UM SMF II 1252010Picture
UM SMF II 1502010Picture
UM SMF-2002007Picture
Valenti SM 502013Picture
Vertemati S 450 E Motard2004 
Vertemati S 450 Motard2004 
Vertemati S 501 E Motard2004 
Vertemati S 501 Motard2004 
Vertemati S 501 Supermoto2001 
Vertemati S 570 E Motard2004Picture
Vertemati S 570 Motard
Vertemati SR 450 Motard Racing
Vertemati SR 600 Motard Racing
VOR SM-E 450 Supermotard
VOR SM-E 530 Supermotard2007Picture
VOR SM-RC 450 Supermotard2007Picture
VOR SM-RC 570 Supermotard2007Picture
Xingyue XY400GY-22012Picture
Xmotos X33 MD1252010Picture
Xmotos X33MD1252011Picture
Yamaha DT 125 R MX Everts2006Picture
Yamaha DT 125 X2007Picture
Yamaha DT 50 Supermotard2004Picture
Yamaha DT 50 X2006Picture
Yamaha DT50X2012Picture
Yamaha DT50X2011Picture
Yamaha DT50X2010Picture
Yamaha DT50X2009Picture
Yamaha DT50X2008Picture
Yamaha DT50X2007Picture
Motorcylce safety
Yamaha MT-03
Yamaha Super Tenere
Yamaha Super Tenere
Yamaha Super Tenere ES
Yamaha Super Tenere Worldcrosser2014Picture
Yamaha TDR 1251999Picture
Yamaha TDR 1251998Picture
Yamaha TDR 2501990Picture
Yamaha TDR 2501989Picture
Yamaha TMAX Hypermodified2014Picture
Yamaha Tricker2012Picture
Yamaha Tricker2011Picture
Yamaha Tricker2006Picture
Yamaha TW2002012Picture
Yamaha TW2002011Picture
Yamaha WR 125X2010Picture
Yamaha WR125 X2014Picture
Yamaha WR125 X2013Picture
Yamaha WR125X2012Picture
Yamaha WR125X2011Picture
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Yamaha WR125X
Yamaha WR250R
Yamaha WR250X
Yamaha WR250X
Yamaha WR250X2012Picture
Yamaha WR250X2011Picture
Yamaha WR250X2010Picture
Yamaha WR250X2008Picture
Yamaha XT 125 R2006Picture
Yamaha XT 125 X2007Picture
Yamaha XT 125 X2006Picture
Yamaha XT 660 R Supermotard2006Picture
Yamaha XT 660 X2007Picture
Yamaha XT 660 X Supermotard2004Picture
Yamaha XT 660X2010Picture
Yamaha XT1200Z2014Picture
Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere2012Picture
Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere2011Picture
Yamaha XT1200ZE2014Picture
Yamaha XT125R2008Picture
Free motorcylce ads Yamaha XT125X
Yamaha XT125X
Yamaha XT250X
Yamaha XT660R
Yamaha XT660X2014Picture
Yamaha XT660X2013Picture
Yamaha XT660X2012Picture
Yamaha XT660X2011Picture
Yamaha XT660X2009Picture
Yamaha XT660X2008Picture
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