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Review of the 2007 model Honda CR 85 R Expert Review of the 2007 Honda CR 85 R Expert
A great bike for small great riders!

2007 Honda CR 85 R Expert photo
Picture credits - Honda. Click to submit more pictures.

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the new cr 85 is just the perfect bike for a racer which is passing through the first steps of moto-cross but has expirience on riding cross bikes.
Review of the CR 85 R Expert submitted on 2007-01-16.

This honda cr 85rb is a bike of high competition level. Perfect for riders with expirience. Its engine has a great high ´revolutions´ performance which can´t be compared with any other bike of the same level. The suspension pack has a distance movement of 275 mm which makes this honda suspencion a great bike for using its hand break with a high level of intensity. Also the cr 85 suspension is just the right one for high jumps and also freestyle moto x jumps.
With this bike your stability on the track would be greater than in any other bike. It´s area of clutch brakes and speeds are specially design for a fast and easy performance on races.

This motorcycle is just what you need for having a great time and a great performance on either mx or sx races. And if you are looking for more the new honda cr 85rb has a easy mechanic tunning which will alloud you to adjust the bike to all your needs, from handeling position to ´revolutions´ performance.
This bike is the small picture of the bigger cross honda bikes.

And if you are just looking for a bike for trips and farm tours, the new honda is a great opcion even if it is not made for that. This bike can be used by a amateur rider and it would let you have a secure and great time even if you don´t know much about dirtbikes. This bike is the great powerful motorcycle for a boy from 10 to 16 years old .

any questions or opinions send a message to nico_crg88@hotmail.com

This review of the 2007 Honda CR 85 R Expert
was submitted by:   
nicolas otero

Motorcycle Reviews - 2007 Honda CR 85 R Expert

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