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Review of the 1995 model Harley-Davidson 1340 Bad Boy Review of the 1995 Harley-Davidson 1340 Bad Boy
fxstsb happy with mine

1995 Harley-Davidson 1340 Bad Boy photo
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Review of the 1340 Bad Boy submitted on 2004-07-04.

I bougth my badboy new back in 95 and have never been sorry. i picked it up in november of 94 and froze my butt off riding it like a kid with a new toy. after the snow came it didnt get out much untill bike week in daytona, that was the best week ever, the latest
NEW bike harley had to offer and it was mine and everyone wanted a closer look at it, everyone had a million questions, mast were on the handiling and ride, this was odd to me because everyone had horror stories about problems with the forks and ride, this didnt make much sence since the front springer had been in production for years. it did make me more aware while i was riding to every little wiggle or bump. after almost ten years the only thing i have ever had happen was, with the rear tire about 65% worn and the tire cold , the first corner i came around, the rear kicked out from under me, i wasnt going at high speed and didnt go down but after inspecting the corner and then my bike the only thing i found was the worn tire. i replaced the stock dunlop and have never had it happen since. as for the the handiling of the front end, you have to remember that it only has about 3 in of fork travel so with the 21 in tire and limited travel it isnt a good bike for off roading oh pot hiolr hopping but what street harley is? i have only done minor modifications to the fxstsb, the most moticable is the change from the flat trac handle bars to drag style bars, this gives the bike a lowered look without touching the suspension. so i feel that all the handiling problem roomers are coming from ´a guy i know´ that never owned or rode one

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Motorcycle Reviews - 1995 Harley-Davidson 1340 Bad Boy

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