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Review of the 2006 model Moto Guzzi Griso Review of the 2006 Moto Guzzi Griso
It has to be red!

2006 Moto Guzzi Griso photo
Picture credits - Moto Guzzi. Click to submit more pictures.

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Sweeping through country and mountain roads the Griso is awsome in its handling for a large bike.

Review of the Griso submitted on 2006-09-29.

I couldn´t get over the looks of the Griso so different a real statement, the bike stands out where ever you ride but I often get the question ´what is it´¿ My reply, it´s a Moto Guzzi, ´They make them in Italy´. I just dumfounded looks.
Pushing the Griso around you can feel the weight but once on the road it disappears. Still I wouldn´t take this bike to the track at high speed the weight would overwhelm you and make it tough going but on the road its stable and goes where you want it especially with those large bars. The suspension is fully adjustable. The Griso was set a bit firm for me so I raised the Preload lowered the dampening and increased the rebound and the difference was noticeable on the crap roads we have in the Land of Oz The tyres that come with the Griso I believe are a bit of a joke, Rennsports are a bit over the top for this bike I
got only tree thousand Km with the rear . You get tons of grip in the dry but forget it in the wet, I now use Pirelli Strata tyres, personally a much better proposition IMO.
The brakes are great but you can feel the weight of the bike when trying to stop quickly at high speed.
The Griso can be thrown into corners with plenty of confidents once you pick a line it stays planted even in the tight stuff. The Griso isn´t a power house but it has plenty of torque to pull you out of the corners, no need to rev the guts out of it but it spins up all the way to red line quite surprisingly. There is a bit of a flat spot at about 4000 to 4500 RPM but then it pulls hard to 7500 RPM. The wide bars make commuting hard but the lighter engine internals twin plug heads and hydraulic clutch make it a lot easier then Guzzi´s of old. The gearbox is a great leap forwarded for Guzzi still a little clunky but you never miss a gear and neutral is a piece of cake, way ahead of the five speed box. Maintenance is easy especially with the external oil filter most of the maintenance could be done by yourself if you’re that way inclined but if you chose to take it to a mechanic it shouldn’t cost the earth as the Griso is so simple maintenance wise. Parts and repairs might be another mater though, in Australia they are expensive and take forever to arrive. i was thinking of getting a screen a Guzzi have two options that look great, I tend to like the taller screen that is also height adjustable.
The Griso and for Guzzi in that matter tend to grow on you, when the motor loosens up its a lovely pulse you feel in the bars and pegs the sound is pleasant but the exhaust muffler has to go its just so restrictive and in your face.
There a defiantly more powerful, better handling and cheaper more practical bikes out there but none can give you the sensations the Griso can I love it more with every passing Km I can honestly say I am hooked.

This review of the 2006 Moto Guzzi Griso
was submitted by:   
Fabrice Boesch

Motorcycle Reviews - 2006 Moto Guzzi Griso

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