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Review of the 2009 model Pagsta KRB250 Review of the 2009 Pagsta KRB250
Great around town bike

2009 Pagsta KRB250 photo
Picture credits - Pagsta. Click to submit more pictures.

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If youīre after a good around town bike this is hard to beat. Not only is it inexpensive, itīs fun to ride
Review of the KRB250 submitted on 2010-02-03.

Iīve had mine for 1 year now. Mine is the black version. Iīve been riding bikes for a few years now and had plenty of them in my younger days too. Often Iīve had a car or bike that I really liked but it was just too old and I got tired of working on it. Often I wished they would just bring out a new version of the machine. Well this is a machine just like that. It rides like an 80īs bike and has a nice retro (yet modern) look. Donīt buy this bike if you donīt like people watching you. Itīs not a spectacular modern machine, itīs just a basic commuter with a neat look about it. Apart from its looks, I like it because:
It is a good size - not too small like many other 250īs
It has a neat sound as the pistons go up and down together which gives it a smooth drone rather than a putter, putter
It has a proper seat for the passenger
The passenger footpegs are at a proper height
It has exhausts on both sides so looks good from both sides
It has a decent sized 18 litre tank
It comes with a neat little fairing which does keep a bit of wind off
It comes with a built in rack making it easy to attach a top box
Itīll cruise on the freeway at 100kph comfortably
It doesnīt cost much
A couple of negatives:
It doesnīt handle that well (could be because I have a large top box on the back of mine)
The original gearing was too low. The local distributer put a rear sprocket on with 3 less teeth which made a huge difference
Itīs not that powerful - though its adequate (I could still lose my licence with it)
In summary, I also have a Kawasaki ZZR600 which is good but it just isnīt as much fun to ride as this

This review of the 2009 Pagsta KRB250
was submitted by:   
David Rhodes

Motorcycle Reviews - 2009 Pagsta KRB250

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