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Review of the 2004 model Honda VT 750 Shadow Aero Review of the 2004 Honda VT 750 Shadow Aero
VT750 Shadow Aero is a good fit for me.

2004 Honda VT 750 Shadow Aero photo
Picture credits - Honda. Click to submit more pictures.

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After a 20-year hiatus from cycling, I´ve re-entered the adventure on a 2004 VT750 Shadow Aero 750. I haven´t been disappointed.
Review of the VT 750 Shadow Aero submitted on 2004-09-25.

In the 70´s, I had ridden cross-country on a Kawasaki 1000, as well as on a Norton 850 Interstate. I´d had several other bikes as well, but got so busy with life that I thought I was too busy for motorcycling. I came to my senses 20 years later, and started looking for a bike that would get me going again.

The Shadow Aero 750 is a masterpiece in many ways: It is beautiful to look at (mine is black and gray), and I love the retro-styling; it is now easy to accessorize, either with Honda parts or after-market parts (as to the latter choice, I had to wait a few months for stuff to become available--I´ve added a Honda backrest/sissy bar, some after-market saddlebags and brackets, and a Memphis Shades Fats windshield); the bike has enough acceleration and power to handle the freeway for as long as you care to be out there (the fastest I´ve ridden the bike is 85-90, and it could do that all day long); the relatively light weight of the bike makes for some fun, nimble riding on the mountain curves; the price is unbeatable; and at 5800 miles, I´ve been through two oil changes and a valve adjustment, and the motor is perfect.

I´ve taken this bike on two road trips--a 900-miler in Arizona and New Mexico, and then a 600-miler in Arizona. Both trips were fantastic experiences, and at no time did I feel like I needed more bike than I had. I plan to take the bike to Missouri this summer on a 3,000 mile roundtrip ride, and I have complete confidence that the bike will be up for the challenge. Most of the trip will be done on 65-mph highways, but there will be a little freeway time here and there, too.

This was certainly not my first motorcycle, nor my biggest or fastest, but it is definitely one of my favorites. There´s no such thing as a perfect motorcycle, and this bike does have some characteristics that could stand improvement--the seat feels pretty hard after 100 miles, and the distance between the gearshift and footpeg is a little tight (with boots), and a bigger gas tank would be nice. But for what I was looking for--styling, dependability, power, and fun--this bike has proven to be a winner, and I´m thankful that Honda has provided such a great mid-sized cruiser (as have several other manufacturers).

This is my first Honda motorcycle, but not my last.

This review of the 2004 Honda VT 750 Shadow Aero
was submitted by:   
Dave Alexander

Motorcycle Reviews - 2004 Honda VT 750 Shadow Aero

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