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Review of the 2011 model Honda VT400S Review of the 2011 Honda VT400S
VT400S Personal Review

2011 Honda VT400S photo
Picture credits - Honda. Click to submit more pictures.

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This short review for those who wish or already bought a Honda vt400s but has little or no knowledge on its abilities.
Review of the VT400S submitted on 2011-09-29.

I am from Singapore. I bought this bike which cost around 17000 in Singapore. Yes, i know its ridiculously expensive. Nothings cheap in SG anyway.

Honda VT400s comes in 2 colours variant. Full black and the other one which you can see, its a combination of blue and white.

Starting with running in period. I would recommend a medium run-in process. It will pump up the bike to its peak. Avoid going over 80km/hr for the first 400km.

I had clocked more than 2600km on my bike. Fastest i ever throttled is around 120km/hr. The top speed for this bike is not known. I traveled an average of 95km/hr all the time.

This bike will starts to vibrate uncomfortable at speed more than 90km/hr. At 110 km/hr, your ass literally goes numb, your sole hurts and white fingers syndrome occurs.

Acceleration is decent enough, slight slower than a CB400 revo. Deceleration is good enough with brakes adequately matched to its chassis.

One important thing to note about this bike is that there is NO vacuum tube or holes. Take note if your interested in installing a vacuum-operated chain oilier. Other than that, the engine is neat and tidy. Fuel consumption is about 25 km/L at speeds of 90 km/hr and above.

Customizing for this bike is not of an issue. Many parts fit well!!! It is possible to fit a 240 rear tire with by using a Rocker C rear set. Of course, please take in consideration of the additional weight and contact area.

This review of the 2011 Honda VT400S
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Motorcycle Reviews - 2011 Honda VT400S

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